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At HR Without Borders, we work closely with our clients to help individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to first recognize and breakdown barriers to create a more inclusive workplace.

Here’s a sampling of our training & education programs

  • Build Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader
  •  Game-Changer Hiring© – Never hire another “Technical Terror” for your team. Game-Changer Hiring© is a time-tested approach that shows hiring managers how to interview and select their next game-changing employee for now and the future.
  • Develop Emotionally Resilient Leadership 
  • Become a Change Navigator – How to More Successfully Lead and Navigate through Change
  • Increase Team Effectiveness and Decrease Team Dysfunction
  • Learn How to Work With Anyone – Increase Team Member Synergy & Effectiveness

We are certified to facilitate and provide assessment in: 

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – EQ-i 2.0©
  • Emotional Intelligence for Teams – EQ 360©
  • Emotionally Resilient Leadership
    • Change Style Indicator (CSI) –  assists you to better understanding your response to
      new situations and to changes in existing situations. It allows for increased flexibility and
      increased effectiveness of your response to change, while also enhancing an
      understanding of the reactions of others.
    • Change Navigator (CN) – is a new tool for change leaders and participants to understand the stages of transition that are common in periods of change. The CN helps you to understand and navigate in real time through change. It focuses on the emotions of individuals as they navigate change and the predictable stages of transition.
    • Influence Style Indicator (ISI) –  Learn your influencing style, what situations your style works best in, when it may prove
      ineffective and knowing how you can build your style flexibility to respond to a full range of situations..
    • Decision Style Profile (DSP) – Leaders are challenged to reduce the risk of making poor decisions Understanding the factors that impact the decision-making process is critical to the success and results of a decision. The DSP model uses five factors to help you determine when a better decision will likely result from involving others in the decision process. 
    • Hardness Resilience Gauge (HRG) – The HRG provides you a quick and accurate self-assessment of your hardiness
      level which will highlight how key qualities can enhance or undermine stress resilience and adaptability across a range of circumstances.
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)– How to work more effectively across different cultures which includes:
    • National
    • Gender
    • Generational (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, Traditionalists)
    • Ethnic
    • Organizational 
  • The Birkman Method
    • Increase personal awareness, collaboration, and team effectiveness.
    • Reduce interpersonal conflicts, stress, and reaction to triggers
    • Build better relationships
  • Exclusive Partner for Thymometrics Employee Listening Survey


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