Hello World! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Connie Wedel and I am excited because this is my first blog entry.

After being in HR for a couple decades and meeting amazing people around the world, I thought it’s a great time for a few of us 17 million HR pros on the globe to connect with each other and share how people and HR are the same (and different) around the world. I thought there a great way to do this is with a blog platform to share stories.

I’ve been really fortunate to practice HR in six continents and meet talented HR folks from many places. So, my blog is HRwithoutBorders.com. Yeah, I sort of borrowed the idea from Doctors without Borders. I thought the concept fit perfectly with where I am in my career and what makes me tick. My hope is that HR without Borders will be a space to share and exchange our HR stories, knowledge, ideas, discussions, and challenges — all with a global flavor.

My journey has been an absolute gift…a two-decade career working across borders. Who could ask for more? I’ve been afforded the opportunity to travel the globe and work with smart, talented people from all over the world. I have also met amazingly gifted HR practitioners who are progressing the HR profession and learning from each other every day.

I wanted to share stories, ideas, challenges and opportunities with  you so I (finally) started this blog.  My vision is that learn from each other.  I pass on some of my own ideas, along with your great ideas, and some curated content of experts in the field.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas along the way. Thank you for letting me take a few minutes out of your busy day.