Services We Offer

Hello! My name is Connie Wedel. Thanks for visiting HR without Borders! 

At HR without Borders, we believe no matter where in the world we live and work, we can be and do better.

We offer training, coaching, and assessments to help individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations achieve the highest success.

Certified Training, Facilitation, and Assessment in:

  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – EQ-i 2.0©
  • Emotional Intelligence for Teams – EQ 360©
  • Emotionally Resilient Leadership
    • Change Style Indicator (CSI)
    • Influence Style Indicator (ISI)
    • Decision Style Indicator (DSP)
    • Change Navigator (CN)
    • Hardness Resilience Gauge (HRG)
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
    • How to work more effectively across different cultures including national, generational, ethnic, and even organizational cultures.
  • The Birkman Method
    • Increase personal awareness, collaboration, and team effectiveness.
    • Reduce interpersonal conflicts, stress, and reaction to triggers
  • Exclusive Partner for Thymometrics Employee Engagement Listening Survey

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